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Botanical Garden



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Cacti and succulents:
More than 1200 species are on display. Succulent plants are representatives of the families Aizoaceae, Agavaceae, Aloaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Crassulaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Liliaceae etc.
The cactus collection comprises nearly 600 taxa of the following genera: Cereus, Echinocereus, Echinopsis, Ferocactus, Gymnocalycium, Lobivia, Mammillaria, Notocactus, Opuntia, Parodia etc.

Palm house:
Nearly 500 tropical plant species are on display in the understorey of palms and large fig trees, including species and varieties of Cyperus, Hibiscus, Musa, Peperomia, Philodendron, Pilea, Sansevieria, Streptocarpus etc. 

Orchid- and Bromelia-house:
Lianeous plants (Aristolochia, Ficus, Philodendron etc.), as well as bromelias, orchids, carnivorous plants, cycads and ferns are displayed here, with nearly 350 representatives.